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    Service support

    We focus on providing professional equipment maintenance services for all industrial crane users and providing related products in a timely manner, and using a series of systematic risk and recommended assessment tools to develop a strict crane maintenance plan to help customers improve the safety and efficiency of operation.

    Inspection and preventive maintenance process

    We will take the initiative to contact customers to determine the inspection time and the use of regular and timely manner to the device in the field to observe and detect, do not let go of any abnormal reaction equipment and every key part of the test

    Fault repair and local service

    After the detection of the failure of the repair, the crane is designed to restore the crane to the state of its intended function. In time to repair the known failure may reduce the possibility of an emergency, usually by the provisions of mandatory.

    Partial transformation is a relatively simple and economical method for increasing the latest features and techniques on the existing bridge crane. Common partial transformation includes lifting hoist and component replacement, variable speed control, wireless remote control and LED lighting device. Compared with the full transformation, the local transformation requires less planning and downtime for the earlier period.

    Comprehensive reform of equipment

    When the old equipment and the production requirements of a serious mismatch occurs, often need to complete the overall transformation of the old equipment. As an alternative to the replacement of the existing crane, the transformation of the existing crane to achieve a comprehensive transformation. Common transformation including the replacement of hoist, car, operating personnel cab and control device, in order to achieve the purpose of increasing capacity, speed, load or load control.

    Supply and replacement of spare parts in time

    We can provide you with the necessary parts in the time you need. If we don't have the spare parts you need, we can design and customize parts.

    ServiceService support

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